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A range of quality dock shelters

Here at All Door Engineering Ltd, we repair, install and upgrade dock shelters. We offer our services to companies in Stockport and across the UK.

Quality dock shelters

Here at All Door Engineering Ltd, we install, repair and upgrade dock shelters. Designed to protect your goods and workforce from the elements, the new dock shelters are available in both a “rigid” and “retractable” version. They serve as an ideal solution when a fleet of vehicles of varying dimensions use the loading bay.
Dock Shelters
Our dock shelters:

Both the rigid and retractable versions are constructed around galvanised box sections and covered in a PVC type material with high visibility strips on either side of the curtains. They help to assist the fleet of vehicle to dock centrally against the shelters.

Inflatable dock seals

An inflatable dock-seal provides a fully insulated shelter that inflates around the vehicle to provide an airtight seal in seconds. Once the vehicle is docked safely, the dock shelter fan is activated to inflate the side and head seals against the vehicle; this provides the optimum level of insulation between the external environment and the inside of the building, making it a perfect solution for a cold storage facility.

The use of inflatable seals is very simple, the vehicle will arrive and an external traffic light showing green when the warehouse operative is alerted the vehicle is there.

Once the fan is working filling the cushions with lots of low pressure air making steady contact on the roof and sides of the vehicle, a seal is formed, keeping in your cooled or warm air. 

We can make bespoke size seals to fit special applications or existing buildings.

Why opt for inflatable dock-seals?

Where the internal ambient temperature is not a key priority, a budget version is available. Our budget range retains the inflatable seals but is covered in a PVC material similar to the rigid/retractable versions. For more information about our products, contact us today. We offer our services in Stockport and across the UK.

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Service plans are also available based on the usage, condition, make and model of your doors.