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Bespoke insulated roller shutter doors

Need an insulated roller shutter doors for your domestic or commercial property in Stockport? Call the experts at All Door Engineering Ltd today. We offer up-and-over garage doors in a range of timeless designs. All the doors we supply come with manual operation or as part of a automated door package. If you wish to add a remote control feature to your existing door, we can install a range of products. Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you.

Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

The insulated roller shutter doors is manufactured the same way a curtain is made, with 2 pieces of material and insulation between them. When the door is open it requires less space behind the door but it has a larger diameter . Like standard roller shutters these doors are very useful when you have restricted space. Roller shutter doors have played a great part in general use around factories and warehouses for many years, made by interlocking steel lathe to create a door curtain, the curtain is rolled around the drum and powered by an electric operator. 

Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

A simple device which is galvanised to protect from the elements and corrosion.

Industrial factories and warehouses are often exposed to the wind which is a key factor in the design and specification of the roller doors used. There are many different types of roller shutter doors separated into multiple categories.

To help us choose which is the best roller door for your project there is a number of factors, If there is to be high usage or low usage, this defines the type of motor drive used. A single-phase motor is used with a low usage roller door that will not be opened and closed many times in one day, a larger spec motor will be used if the roller door is high and is opened many times a day and operating for longer periods.

Once the usage is defined we then need to work out if the door needs to be an insulated and double skinned curtain or a single skin curtain without insulation. A double-skinned roller door offers a door with greater strength for high winds and security, along with the height and width we can then determine what type of model to use. There is such a diverse range of aluminium and steel shutter doors, with fast action fabric rollers used in many applications in warehouses and factories with far higher speeds of opening and closing to choose from, this will be calculated on the number of operations per day. Call us today if you would like a quote on our Insulated Roller Shutter Doors.

Classic garage doors

These are automated insulated roller door that will increase your garage space. These doors open vertically and feature in-built automation that can be operated by remote control. Made from insulated aluminium profiles, doors come with a thermal and acoustic barrier that helps to lower your energy bills, reduce noise, and possibly your carbon footprint. 

There are two ranges of doors available:

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors Specifications .

Control Options: Buttons, induction loop, switch key, radar, timed, card reader or remote control
Optional Motor : 415v 3 phase unit, 415 3 phase / 240v single phase unit or 240v single phase unit as required
Finnish: Full range of colours in plastisol finish, or polyester powder coating.
Barrel: Seamless steel tubing help in bearings or cups attached to the endplates
Endplates: Primed and painted steel
Guides: Vertical guides multiple thicknesses
Curtain: Perforated steel laths with T- section bottom rails or continuous interlocking galvanised rails.

All of our doors are independently tested and certified to the highest safety requirements and performance characteristics of European Standard EN13241* . Additionally, all doors are fitted with an infrared photocell to prevent accidental finger entrapment in the rolling door curtain.

*(European standard EN12453 – Safety in use of power operated doors.) 

Industrial doors supplied and installed nationwide.

Service plans are also available based on the usage, condition, make and model of your doors.