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Loading bay equipment

For loading bay equipment supply, installation and maintenance, contact All Door Engineering Ltd. We serve clients across the UK.

Loading Bay Equipment

To load and unload things in the loading bay area, we need products that should be problem-free, safe, and easy to operate.

All Door Engineering Ltd is innovative, committed to quality, and reliable customer service over years of hard work.

We serve customers across the UK. As a UK supplier of loading bay equipment, we are uncompromising in the quest to ensure the highest standards of safety.

We provide services from commercial and industrial buildings to warehouses in particular. We use the most high-level manufacturing procedures at our factories.

Loading Bay Equipment

The equipment used in the Loading bay is vital to Handling goods efficiently and safely. The docking accessories, Levellers, shelters, and load houses make suitable and convenient loading and unloading. Our inclusive product range covers dock levellers, Rapid rise doors, Sectional doors, dock leveller, dock seals and shelters, Insulated roller shutter doors, Roller shutter doors, and a complete range of other loading bay accessories.

Foam pad dock seals

A gap around a parked trailer at the loading bay looks like a glitch whereas it can cost you money gradually. You may have to spend thousands of pounds if your trailer loses precious chilled air or heating throughout these gaps. It also gives the room to enter dust particles, wind, rain, bugs, and rodents. In contrast, it can also damage the building walls on contract against the trailer.

To overcome these problems, All Door Engineering Ltd provides dock seals or shelters. It helps to reduce energy loss, control internal temperature and protect products and packaging from external factors. Foam pad dock seals provide an economical sealing solution. It is only suitable for loading docks that service a single type of truck. It could not adapt to different truck sizes. Pad dock seals required manual adjustments while loading and unloading.

It also depends on the compression of the serviced truck. It is not more effective than Inflatable Dock Seals. In contrast, it is a cost-effective solution for protecting energy loss and internal temperature. These dock seals come with the option of air vents. So in case we need to compress the seals, it can be done. Additionally, the front face of our foam pad dock seals is lined with additional hard-wearing skin, such as a fold or neoprene-coated nylon, therefore prolonging their lifespan.

It comes with Tear Resistant that resists tearing while detaching or attaching the container. Foam pad dock seals provide good sealing properties as well as can restrict forklift access to the trailer.

We provide installations, repairs, and maintenance work for several dock seals.

Industrial doors supplied and installed nationwide.

Service plans are also available based on the usage, condition, make and model of your doors.